The Association of Bread Manufacturers (Stowarzyszenie Producentów Pieczywa) associates the biggest bread producers in Poland. The changing structure of bakery products consumption and appearing untrue information concerning them became an important point of consideration for members of the Association. They led to the decision to prepare a new strategy. The comprehensive design and implementation of marketing activities was handled by the strategic-creative agency 19 Południk from Katowice, which develops companies in the area of communication, branding, and technology. The website was created by the team.

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After analysing potential solutions, a decision was made to implement communication, marketing and social campaigns on a large scale. The goals were to increase the knowledge about the simple and natural composition of bread, its production process and baking in stores, which would result in stopping the decrease in bread consumption for baking at the point of sale. One of the central elements of the communication ecosystem is the website, fulfilling the role of information and promotion on bread, its baking process and balanced nutrition – of which bread is an important part. The portal was created by the team.

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The frontend part of the website was prepared in Next.js. This allowed to achieve better performance and stability. Additionally, in this way we ensured security. We also improved the user experience through the Revalidate plugin, which allows the page to load quickly based on previous data. What's more, with full CI/CD automation, any changes made to the site are updated automatically, but the user doesn't see any display delays. The backend of the site is based on Wordpress. All content displayed on the site is taken from Wordpress using GraphQL, which is a language used to perform data queries. GraphQL queries Wordpress only for the elements that the user requires, which makes the whole website run very fast. NextSEO plugin, on the other hand, allows to add metadata quickly and efficiently. The whole thing was implemented by Vercel, which is considered to be the best platform for hosting any applications written in Next.js. Moreover, thanks to built-in encryption, it ensures data security.

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NextJS (SSG), Next SEO



Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Tailwind CSS



The result of the implementation is an interesting, pleasant to the eye and ear, and above all, fast and responsive website. Thanks to the use of new website-building technologies, such as: next.js and React.js, we obtained a fast and stable solution. Moreover, we ensured the website's security and much better performance than in case of traditional solutions. We also ensured a positive user experience by making the website load quickly. We also fulfilled another important technical requirement, key for the website administrators. The order included the use of the Wordpress tool, thanks to which adding new content and expanding the site would be easy and the entry threshold would be low.


From the outset of our cooperation, the whole team showed great commitment to the tasks commissioned and willingness to meet all requirements. We could count on frank and open discussions and professional consulting. In addition, thanks to the good organization of project management, all project participants had up-to-date information. The cooperation was so successful that we decided to carry out another project together.

Weronika Parusel, Senior Digital Project Manager

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