rybnickie.it is a platform that brings together the IT community from Rybnik and the surrounding region. The portal is dedicated to IT/ICT companies and potential employees who want to develop their careers in IT. Here you can find job offers from local employers, news from the world of technology, and get know-how if you are taking your first steps in the industry.

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The portal is a center of IT news that fosters the flow of information in the local industry, as well as an aggregator with job offers. However, that is not all! The idea behind rybnickie.it project is connecting the local IT community by organizing joint meetups, trainings or job fairs. Employers can use the portal as a tool to post job offers, start cooperation, or develop networking.

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The main goals of the project include:


Bringing together local IT companies that can present themselves and their job offers in one place,


Showing the potential of the ICT sector in Rybnik and its surrounding areas,


Establishing partnerships and gaining support for the development of the project,


Educating beginners who are looking for a quick start in IT.

rybnickie.it page

Problem & solution

Creating a portal with its own job board required careful development of the logic for filtering and displaying listings on the site. The site uses the Next.js react framework, which ensures the high speed of the site and has a positive impact on SEO factors.






We enable all members of rybnickie.it to take advantage of the portal's potential and actively participate in its development. So far, we have gathered business cards of IT employers who connect 500 employees from the region. Currently, there are more than 30 job offers on our portal. Patrons of the rybnickie.it project include higher education institutes, such as the University of Economics in Katowice and the Silesian University of Technology, as well as the City of Rybnik.

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“The idea of rybnickie.it is to connect technology companies from Rybnik and the surrounding area. We aim to support each other and shape the future of the IT/ICT industry in our region. Knowledge sharing, participation in local meetups, and networking opportunities - these are only some of the possibilities. It's really worth joining rybnickie.it!“

Mariusz Juszczyk, Hostersi

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