RescueTimer is an application which facilitates recording of working time of firefighters during rescue actions. One of its basic functionalities is calculating the acceptable time of firefighter's work in dangerous place on the basis of adapted algorithm.

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Emergency occupations are among the group of hazardous occupations that require complete focus on helping others. Record keeping of work, especially in hazardous conditions, is needed to manage the group of available workers in a responsible manner. The previous application, which was used by hazardous rescue units until now, only worked online and only on computers. This made it very difficult to use the tool during rescue operations. The most important issue turned out to be the proper calculation of time of firefighter's work in dangerous zone and then possibility of application's operation in offline mode. Firefighters often work in difficult terrain where there is no network coverage, so the ability to enter data and save it at a later time became crucial. In addition, the application had to be able to quickly and easily generate evidentiary reports, as well as manage a database of available personnel.

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The most important functionality, from the client's point of view, was to enable the application to be used in offline mode by different users on mobile devices. This task has been accomplished thanks to the use of Firebase technology, which allows to easily synchronize data entered in the offline mode until the user is available in the network again. Moreover, Firebase provides its single sign-on solution by storing a token with a specific expiry time, thanks to which the user remains logged in even when offline. On the other hand, the use of Firebase functions allows you to generate reports in .xls format after a completed rescue. In order to make the application accessible without the need to download and install it, we used Workbox, which allows to use the web application as a mobile one. The appjet team also refreshed the design of the whole solution, and by using vivid colors we managed to give the application a dynamic look.

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In the first phase, the appjet team worked on developing an improved way of functioning of the new application and refreshing its design. We developed a way to easily record the working time of firefighters, which is done individually by each person from the mobile device (smartphone, tablet). Moreover, the process of calculating safe working time in real time in an online form has been automated. In addition, the application allows you to download pdf files (e.g. with procedures), and also allows you to generate reports in .xls format.

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