Optifire is an application for planning and optimising cargo routes. It analyses the data provided by the user and generates an optimal route, considering the type of vehicle fleet, loading and unloading points, and the precise time of delivery. The tool was created for companies from the area of distribution, production, services, transport, and logistics. Additionally, the Optifire API allows to integrate a company’s internal IT system with route planning adjusted to an individual distribution model.

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The topmost challenge was the automation of route planning based on all the available data, and in accordance with the industry requirements.

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We used the latest algorithms to solve well-known and difficult math problems, and implemented an advanced, scalable architecture that always uses the right amount of computing power.

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We created an app that plans the optimal route in just 5 minutes! All the parameters are included: the type and size of cargo, time frames, vehicle capacity, point location, and drivers’ working hours. The route planner decreases the average route length by 28%, reducing the cost of transportation. Additionally, it increases the effectiveness of the logistics personnel, enabling them to organize and improve their daily planning processes.

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