Do you have an idea for a revolutionary mobile app? Thanks to our cooperation you can turn it into reality! team will create for you a unique application, even for up to 3 weeks. Access to the latest technologies, such as ReactNative and Node.js, allows us to build modern applications, tailor-made for your needs.

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What we do

We specialize in developing mobile apps from scratch for large and medium-sized companies, innovative startups, private investors, and growing businesses.

High-quality MVPs and unique designs are our best hallmark. We approach each project individually, relying on proven solutions. Our team will create for you an application that will make incredible impressions on your users!


What do you need?

Do you need an original mobile solution that will grow with your business? You are at the right place! Application development has no secrets for us. Our team can create a desktop, a mobile app, or a cloud solution that fits your business needs. Here's what we can do for you:

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Cross-platform application

Offer the best mobile experience for your users regardless of the system they use!

Top-notch technologies such as React Native, help us develop apps for both Android and iOS. Thanks to the native modules of a particular platform, our apps always maintain the same quality in any system.

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Progressive web app

Did you know that you can transfer the best of a website to a mobile app?

Progressive Web App Development is a solution that combines the advantages of standard websites and mobile applications. We use React and Angular technologies to create the most innovative progressive web apps for businesses.

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Cloud migration

Let your users use your app wherever they are!

A revolutionary mobile solution in the cloud is a way to come to the market much faster. At Appjet, we will help you successfully grow your business in the cloud using AWS or firebase infrastructure.

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How do we develop mobile applications?

Developing full-fledged apps requires experience and know-how. To get the best results, we provide end-to-end, complete development of your app. From conception, through testing, and implementation to maintenance and continuous improvements.

What technologies do we use?

Using top technologies in mobile development results in the most professional results. Our team will make an app for you that stands out from the competition and will be remembered by your users. Discover possibilities of our tech stack!

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React Native

  • A huge list of libraries and solutions with modules designed for both iOS and Android,

  • Lets you achieve a look and performance similar to the native app,

  • Hot and Live reload features enable immediate changes preview, which reduces development time,

  • Thanks to JavaScript, React Native is a perfect tool for creating MVPs.

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  • Increases the performance and scalability of the application,

  • Minimizes the number of problems that can occur during application development,

  • Full automation of the tools that build the application,

  • Support of web service vendors that provide the right infrastructure and documentation for hosting.

Why us?

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We have access to cutting-edge technologies, such as React Native and Node.js.

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Thinking outside the box allows us to turn your boldest ideas into applications.

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You can count on our workflow reliability — we focus on speed, innovation, and efficiency!

Discover our workflow

Thanks to our proven working techniques, we will build your dream app even within a few weeks. What will our cooperation look like? Here are the key stages of our journey:



In the first stage, we create a concept for your app, taking into account all your requirements. You share your vision with us, and we suggest the best solutions to make it happen.



Next, our graphic designers will prepare a visualization of your application in the form of a full-scale MVP.

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Application development

At this stage, our developers move on to building your app. They take care of all the technical details to guarantee the highest quality code.



Our manual and automated testers perform ongoing tests to provide your users with the best possible experience. They effectively detect bugs and monitor the functioning of your application.



After making sure everything works as it should, it's time to launch your app! This is the moment when we release the complete product on the market.



It's not over yet! After the launch of your app, you can still count on us! Our team will provide you with full post-implementation support.

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Discover our workflow

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