LunchInOrder is a web and mobile lunch ordering application. Partial automation streamlines the ordering process, making it easy to organize food delivery even for large groups.

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Ordering a company lunch is a complicated process. The organizers need to allow employees can choosing any dish they want from the dozen or so items on the menu. The larger the group, the more challenges! You have to take into account the different restaurants, the time of day, or the time of delivery. And all of this still has to be accounted for! page

The solution

Our aim was to make organizing the company lunch easier, as well as to create an intuitive and user-friendly app that would allow ordering food from employees’ favourite restaurants. So we have developed the application to streamline lunch ordering with various sets of functions for both users and administrators.

  • Functions for administrators
  • Administrators can add multiple restaurants and assign a menu to each of them with the possibility to edit the menus. What's more, administrators gain total control over the ordering process, from launch to delivery date. Finally, the application generates a summary report of all orders in a .xls file, which can be printed out and used for meal distribution.

  • Functions for users
  • The LunchInOrder system collects users' comments, which helps to include individual nutritional preferences. If employees have any specific requirements or wish to eliminate an ingredient, they can add the note e.g., ”no tomatoes”. page


The most difficult part of designing the app was taking into account all of the requesters' needs. During the testing phase, the need for extra functionalities emerged. So, we have added a feature enabling editing the restaurant's menu after the order list has been prepared.







Users of the app are able to place their food order at a time selected by the administrator. This gives those coordinating company lunches full control over ordering processes. What's more, users can rate dishes in the 'Feedback' section visible to the administrator, who can follow the average restaurant ratings. This allows LunchInOrder to create its own database of favourite restaurants in the local area.

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