inoqo is a start-up that wants to provide consumers with scientific-based data on the environmental, social, and biodiversity impact of grocery products to influence daily shopping choices. It’s a project that helps make better and more informed purchasing decisions.

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At the first stage - building a Business User Interface and a web version of the mobile application - a prototype. Later on, when the prototype stage was finished - building a mobile application that could scan receipts and read the data from them.


The Web application covered a few layers as mentioned before. The backend was developed in Python/Django, based on AWS infrastructure, and using additional techniques for text extraction and matching. For data storage, MySQL and Elasticsearch were used. Data were modeled and managed in close collaboration with the team’s data scientists. For users, a Web frontend (React) and a mobile application (React Native) were developed and released.



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The prototype helped inoqo gain external funding and the mobile app put ideas and values into practice. We created a functional application that enabled our client to verify the assumed concept. The application has been already delivered to 1000+ first users, so the company was able to meet its goals.

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With the help of we were able to collaborate with developers who were responsive and proactive, helped to reach effective management and overall contributed to a friendly and respectful working environment.

Simon Haberfellner, Co-Founder & Head of Product Development

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