project is a software house that creates complex solutions in the field of digitalization and digitalization of enterprises, as well as software for SMEs and the enterprise sector. The company's customers are based in countries such as Germany, Austria, USA and Finland. The industries in which it operates primarily include HR, Healthcare, Logistics, Gamedev, e-commerce, and Startups. The complex service, which consisted of designing a new website and its implementation, was handled by team.

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Business need

Designing and implementing a new website resulted from the need to refresh the design and image of the company. Equally important was optimization for positioning, thanks to which it will be possible to increase visibility in the search engine. An important element was also speeding up the process of publishing new content on the website, which is connected with implementing a new content management system.

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The frontend part of the website was prepared in Next.js. Thanks to that we significantly speeded up the website loading, increased its security and made it always available on the web (SLA on the level of 99.99%). What's more, full CI/CD automation makes the process of loading subpages run in the background, so that when the user clicks on the link, he gets the complete content right away. The backend of the website is based on Wordpress. We used bilingual content management from the level of this tool. In addition to the NextSEO plugin on the frontend side in Next.js, we also used YoastSeo. This is a plugin for Wordpress that automatically adds fields to every page and post, and thus allows you to add metadata quickly and efficiently. The whole thing was implemented by Vercel, which is considered the best platform for hosting any application written in Next.js. Moreover, it ensures data security thanks to built-in encryption.

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The number of users increased by 81.3% and the number of sessions by 73.7%. The result of the implementation is an interesting and, above all, fast and responsive website. Thanks to the use of new website building technologies, such as Next.js and React.js, we have achieved a fast and stable solution. Moreover, we ensured the website's security and definitely better performance than traditional solutions. Built-in image optimization and SEO-friendly technology allowed for better alignment with Google search, which resulted in an increase in unique visitors to the website and single sessions. The number of users increased by 81.3% and the number of sessions by 73.7%. We also took care of positive user experience by making sure the page loaded quickly.


The most important value of the new website is the refreshed corporate image and the increase in organic traffic by 40%. The increase was almost immediate thanks to the use of appropriate technologies by the appjet team. The proposed content management system also fulfills its role and accelerates the work of the marketing team. The whole process of creating the website was exemplary and went quickly, despite many subpages that our website contains. With a clear conscience I can recommend appjet to create websites which are nice, functional and optimized for positioning.

Sebastian Rzytki, CEO

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