fireTMS Dispo is an application for shippers that allows them to instantly check the phase of a freight order and cargo. Its main purpose is to facilitate contact between the shipper and the driver.

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In the logistics industry, there are often unforeseen situations that require quick responses. Forwarders and drivers must therefore be on guard and ready to take appropriate measures. Our task was to create an application fully compatible with fireTMS system. Thanks to automation, the app eliminates the need for constant watching over the status of orders. What’s more, it increases control over shipment thanks to real-time tracking.


The most challenging functionality of this application was the creation of an extensive chat, which would enable efficient communication between users of fireTMS and fireTMS Driver application.

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The application gives full access to details of transport execution, as well as vehicle and route monitoring. It allows shippers, dispatchers, and logisticians to view the status of the order and cargo. It also gives access to information on the stages of the transport execution and allows for monitoring the route.

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Here are the functionalities we were able to develop in the fireTMS Dispo application: Orders - the application shows the transport order and related detailed information, including the order number, estimated cost of the order, as well as customer and shipper data. Cargo - the application shows detailed information related to the cargo, including the price of the goods, the place of loading and unloading, the details of the customer and the forwarder, the phone number of the contact person. Route - the application allows you to monitor the route of the carriage and informs you about the current status in which the cargo is located, and thanks to the built-in map, it allows you to view the current location of the driver. Order report - the application generates order reports in the form of detailed information and charts; it includes individual forwarders' results and the company's results, including revenues and commissions of individual branches.

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