fireTMS is a transport management system for carriers and forwarders. It enables comprehensive transport execution, from order placement, through delivery monitoring, to accounting and reporting. The system is available 100% online. The aim of fireTMS is to facilitate and automate the work of carriers, forwarders and dispatchers. The software's key features include transport planning, order management, automatic invoicing, payment monitoring, and communication with drivers. Advanced fireTMS tools streamline daily work and improve the performance of companies in the TSL sector. The complex implementation of the new website project was handled by the team.

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Business need

The most important business need was to give the outdated website a modern design as it is the center of information about fireTMS. The leading position among TMS in Poland and awareness of dynamic changes in the world of technology were the key factors that influenced fireTMS decision to refresh the website design and upgrade technologies used to create it. The main goal of the redesign was an attractive presentation of the system's benefits and clear communication with users, while optimizing the site's positioning through implementation of tools enabling fast loading. The challenge was also to adjust the new design and content to 8 language versions.

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The frontend part of the website was prepared in Next.js. This allowed to achieve better performance and stability. Additionally, we ensured security this way. What's more, full CI/CD automation causes that all changes made on the website are updated automatically, but the user doesn't see any delays in displaying. The backend of the website is based on Wordpress. We propped up the NextSEO plugin on the frontend side in Next.js. The whole thing was implemented by Vercel, which is considered the best platform for hosting any application written in Next.js. Moreover, it ensures data security thanks to built-in encryption.

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The result of the tools implemented by is an interesting and, above all, fast and responsive website, optimized for positioning. By using modern technologies for building websites, such as Next.js and React.js, we have achieved a fast and stable solution. Moreover, we ensured the website's security and much better performance than in case of traditional solutions. We also ensured a positive user experience by fast loading of the website. In the next stage of our cooperation, we plan to implement multilingual content management via Wordpress.


The goal of fireTMS was to refresh the design of the website and use modern technologies for it. Thanks to cooperation with we were able to achieve it. At each stage of work, the team showed great commitment and professional advice on the implemented solutions. As a result, a modern and fast website was created.

Małgorzata Towarnicka, Marketing Manager

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